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5:30PM - 7:45PM

Opening Networking Reception
& Post-Election Analysis Panel

Join us in kicking off Thinking Bigger with a networking reception, followed by the PCWP’s expert panel as they discuss what the results of the 2016 election cycle tell us about the direction of the nation and commonwealth, the role of gender in the election, and the relationship between the newly elected president and Congress.

Abby Philip, Washington Post
Chris Potter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Christine Toretti, Republican National Committeewoman

Dana Brown, Ph.D, PCWP

(Free to CWE members and Chatham Faculty, Staff, and Students)
Mellon Center



7:30AM - 10:00AM

Veteran's Day Entrepreneurial Recognition Breakfast

Join us for this expanded, sit-down breakfast and hear from two amazing speakers!

"Journey to Normal: Women Warriors Enter the Workforce" w/ JulieHera DeStefano shares the experiences of Journey to Normal project participants as these remarkable women warriors enter the workforce. As these women combat veterans return to their families and communities after deployment, what does the transition from the warfront to the workforce look like? How do military skills transfer to a civilian job? Why hire veterans? What do veterans value in a civilian profession?

“What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Successful Women Veteran Business Owners” w/ Dr. Kelly Hunt.
As a female veteran and as a successful woman entrepreneur, the skills developed during active duty service have directly impacted Dr. Hunt's career path and entrepreneurial journey. These skills include the dimensions of innovativeness, risk taking, and proactivity, which are as important on the battlefield as they are in the boardroom. The good news for those who have never served is that these skills can be learned!

(Free to Veterans, CWE members, and Chatham Faculty, Staff, and Students)
Welker Room (Laughlin Music Hall)

10:00AM - 11:00AM

"Journey to Normal" preview and JulieHera DeStefano film workshop for students

Learn from filmmaker JulieHera DeStefano at this student-only workshop.

Free, students only
Sanger Hall (Coolidge)




8:30AM - 12:00PM

Gender Scholar Symposium
"Gender and Violence: Connecting Interdisciplinary Scholarship and the Community"

This second annual Pittsburgh Gender Scholar Symposium features presentations by faculty from across the region in diverse fields on topics related to gender and violence, as well as a unique discussion format moderated by community organization leaders working daily on these issues.

Free, open to the public
Mellon Board Room